About Us

Every company depends on revenues to stay in business. And in the generation of these revenues, come the inevitable expenses, which will give your company its eventual profits after deduction from revenues. Many businesses see taxation as an inevitable aspect of doing business and many happily pay taxes as they become due. However, as your business grows and develops, and profits are correspondingly marginalised, there comes a day where every business will need to take a closer look raising their value add per dollar invested in the business.

What many business owners do not realise is the vast potential of professional taxation advice that will help you navigate the complex world of numbers and audits, to uncover ways of reducing costs through proper tax planning and business structuring, and staying compliant with the changes in the law.

By understanding and knowing how to tap on numerous government grants and incentives and for businesses, businesses would actually be able to increase their profitability by a few percentage points! Crucial percentage points that may sometimes denote a difference between business viability or discontinuation. Sometimes, in our work, we uncover as much as 20% of hidden gems within a company, and we have seen many businesses turn around through the work we do. It is this motivation that keeps us inspired to work in close alliance with our clients to combat the brutal work of taxation.


Maintaining a compliant business and tax structure is crucial to your continue success. Alliance Tax Consulting remains vigilant on your behalf and provides taxation related services in the following areas:

Tax Advice+

Tax advise is a crucial aspect of every company's growth and development. Start seeking the right advise in order to maximise the gains from knowing what to do in advance of your competitors.

Tax Planning+

Planning is important for every business, and more so planning for your tax matters. With the right structure in place, your business will be able to go further when the time is right.

Business Planning+

We will help you take a close look at your business direction and where it wants to head and advise on the right foundations to lay in place, so that you can build your business higher and faster.

Business Structuring+

Every business needs to restructure every now and then. Facing a rut? Perhaps it is time to speak with a tax consultant who will be able to given a neutral, and unbiased opinion on where you can make changes.

Business Formation+

Forming a business is the most exciting phase of your business. Do it right, so that you are assured of better success.

Corporate Compliance+

Running a business entails managing your legal and statutory rights and obligations, which may change over time. Do not get trapped in the wrong areas, only to pay the price later. Seek the proper advise and you will not go wrong.

Estate Planning+

Plan for your business now and for your future generations so that they can continue reaping the fruits of your labour and not let it slide.

Assets Planning+

A business is an asset and within this asset lie many other assets that will ensure your continued success. Plan for them and manage them well.

Accounting Support+

Should your business require accounting support, we provide ongoing daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly accounts management with regular reports, so that you maintain a clear understanding of your business progress. This service is ideal for companies who have a bookkeeper, but require additional safeguards to ensure that the work is done correctly.

Corporate Compliance+

Registered business entities are required to comply with various legislations in Singapore. From basic paperwork to complex filing requirements, engaging Alliance Tax Consultants will ensure that your business remains compliant in all areas.

New Company Formation/New Market Entry (Local and Overseas)+

If you have a new business, we will be able to advise you on the best way to set it up, based on your needs and your expectations. Speak with us first to have an overview of your options, the challenges ahead, and the ways you can structure your business so as to minimise obstacles that may come later.

From understanding the Companies Act to Appointing a Corporate Secretary, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to set up your business properly, so that you can focus on running it.

o Market Entry Advisory
o Corporate secretarial services
o Corporate structuring
o Corporate legal matters
o Business license applications
o Registration of office and provision of correspondence address
o Advise on fiduciary duties of company directors and employees
o Appointment of nominee directors and shareholders
o Formation of onshore and offshore companies
o Registration of Representative Offices and/or branches
o Formation of holding companies/subsidiaries
o Set up of bank account
o Set up accounting system
o Tax planning for directors and expatriates
o Advice on government incentives
o Yearly statutory compliance matters


Our clients span across a wide range of industries, and sizes, and we are familiar with the quirks and requirements of each industry and each type of business in order to help them with their tax matters. We work closely with client and form lasting and trusting relationships with them. Their allegiance is our credence.


Some of the industries that we serve:

• Computer & Network
• Consulting
• Distribution
• F & B
• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Recruitment
• Training
• Travel



"Accounting and tax matters are always better left to the experts and we are glad we engaged the Alliance team to help us with ours. We are very pleased with the work provided and the proactive nature of the team serving us. We are also grateful for their follow up and their dedication and passion in truly helping businesses like us."

Ms Parveen Kaur, Director

Frigadarium Pte Ltd


"The Alliance team came in at the right time to help us with our tax claims. Before which, we had no clear visibility. They have managed to give us a structure and report on what has transpired, what will come next and what we need to do moving forward. I was also pleased that the team put in extra hours even on weekends to get the job done right and on time for us."

Mr Christopher Pereira, Director

Bus Hub Services Pte Ltd


"Our work was done with minimal fuss and speedily. Our consultant was professional, and clear in her advice and her direction. Several times, she also gave us valuable inputs and insights into how we can better manage our tax structure. All in all, I want to say well done and we appreciate the effort put in."

Ms Lily Quek, Director

LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd


If you would like to join a team of dynamic experts in business and tax matters and work with them to help clients fulfill their business needs, write in to careers@alliancetaxconsulting.com.